Our Team of Advisors and Investigators Are Located Near You! 

For Businesses, Law Firms & High Net Worth Individuals 


PHENIX works with clients in all 50 U.S. states and over 27 countries.

Our team includes over 200 Alliance Investigators.


Brian Bauer, CFE, ACFE

CEO / President

Brian is nationally recognized as one of the most talented corporate fraud examiners you can find. His skills at fact finding through complex interviews is unmatched. He can bring most any type of "Crisis in Business" situation to be fully resolved - including cases of internal theft, non-compete violations, intellectual property conflicts, and more.

Brian's team travels the U.S. to perform on-location work that has included some of the most highly publicized cases in the country. His assignments are sometimes discreet and highly confidential, while others are in-depth overt interviews to obtain admission or gather facts.


Carl Mason

Senior Director

Your case starts here. Carl has the business acumen and extensive experience to understand complex situations and to ensure the best fit with the PHENIX team. One of his focus areas is Asset Search and Recovery, having successfully engaged over 2,000 case assignments throughout the U.S.


Ben Ford, CFE

Senior Consultant

Ben specializes in misconduct prevention and resolution cases around the globe, many involving IP theft for some of the most recognized names in the business world.  Investigative work has taken Ben to over fifteen countries on six continents.

Brian Herbert, CFE

Senior Consultant

Brian has a background in law enforcement and uses those skills to help clients with asset protection and employee-related issues. From external research to internal interview, Brian has a knack of getting results for clients.

Andrew Simpson

Team Leader

Frequently rated with 5-stars by clients in post assignment reviews, Andrew uses a decade of experience in working on high profile cases to get the results clients are looking for.

Jared Zentz

Team Leader

Jared Zentz is known for obtaining unique intel from data sources, unstructured documents, communications (discreet and overt) by phone and email, and social media extraction. Jared works with the CFE team on high profile casework to obtain intel that is not already known.

June Cappelletti

Client Account Supervisor

When you need information about your case assignment, June has everything at her fingertips. June is highly experienced in handling large volumes of information and documents.

Ray Jackson

Senior Consultant

Ray has a unique understanding of the law and is also very skilled at interview techniques. Ray is a former NFL player and fitness expert.