PHENIX performs true investigations to find a person's location, monitor their activity, and determine background history.


Locate A Person

Find the whereabouts of anyone, anywhere. Our success rate exceeds 95% on confirmed locations. Ideal to find a witness, debtor, or even an old friend.



Employers and insurers have a duty to ensure programs like FMLA and Worker Compensation are not abused. Our professional surveillance is utilized by companies throughout the U.S. to discreetly monitor employee activity during employee time-off.


On Location

When you need a professional to perform a door knock interview or to serve a subpoena, our experienced investigators represent your interests and get facts you did not think were possible. We have an alliance network of over 200 investigators throughout most of the U.S.

Background Investigations

Ideal for legal support, key hiring, juror profiling,  and other needs to obtain historic facts on a person or company.



We Made A Video!

Everyone enjoys a video, so PHENIX made one just for you. Learn how our surveillance and related services can benefit your case. Enjoy!