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PHENIX can help you collect from any person or company for purposes of judgment enforcement, insurance matter, contract dispute or for legal support. Choose any of our fixed fee -or- hourly rate services.



Financial Profile

Discover key information about your debtor's financial health and ability to repay. We commonly locate newfound Income Sources, Equity in Real Estate and Real Property, Employment & Business Ownership, Receivables, Legal/Tax and Creditor Issues, and more.

$595 fee

Locate Bank + Brokerage Accounts

Find all open cash accounts owned by your debtor (a person or business), including approximate balances when available. This is a nationwide search.

$595 fee
banks only
$995 fee

Advanced Asset Investigation (most popular)

Our most popular option when suspect your debtor has hidden or transferred their assets.

This already includes the Financial Profile and Locate Bank + Brokerage Accounts.

We fully investigate your primary debtor (an individual) and their closely held corporation (a business).

We investigate evidence of hidden and transferred assets. Our goal is to give you a complete picture of your debtors ability to pay, their full financial situation, and even identify other persons and companies of interest. We report the findings to you and recommend further actions (both legal and investigative).

Example Report (PDF)

$2,895 fee


Some of our assignments may require specialized services based on our time. For example, you may want to hire us to go on-location or to perform interviews to find assets and other information. Or you may want us to find unique information that is not included in our fixed fee options. No problem, we've got you covered. 

$185 hourly
(minimum 4 hrs)


Recovery Options

Recovery is available only after we have completed an Advanced Asset Investigation to determine the debtor(s) ability and potential to pay.

Most of our case assignments will reveal some assets that you can directly seize using methods like Bank Levy or Garnishment or Liens (if you already have a judgment). We can advise you on how to perform these tasks ... at no cost to you. You can also use our findings as leverage during settlement negotiations or legal actions.

Select cases may require a more strategic approach to collecting what is due to you. Our CFE Investigators are highly skilled and very successful at recovering assets using a broad range of proven methods. This work can be hourly-based or performed as contingency (we are paid a percentage of what is collected).

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Since 1994, PHENIX has performed true investigations to find a person's location and discreetly monitor their activity. Our 200+ licensed investigators are located throughout most of the U.S. We have clients in all 50 states.



Our professional surveillance investigators discreetly observe your subject's activity. The service includes video/photos when possible and hourly pan shots. Every case includes a written report of our observations and affidavit for legal use. There is no cost for mileage or daily expenses.

*ask about special rates for attorneys and insurers

$185 /hr
$125 /hr
(full days)

Locate A Person

Our unique methods enable us to gather intel from a broad range of sources. Our methods are proven effective with over 97% accuracy.

Usually 3-4 hours

$185 /hr

Serve A Subpoena

Hand delivery of a legal document or notice to any individual at their residence, work, or other location.

Usually 3-4 hours

$185 /hr

Witness Interviews and Statements

On-location service to talk with individuals about a legal or insurance matter.

$185 /hr


How well do you know your Employees, Suppliers, Vendors, Contractors, and Partners? Be sure those you pay are keeping your best interests in mind. This often involves locating and reviewing legal issues, social media, historic information, deep Internet searches, phone inquiries, and much more. Can be discreet or overt.


Employee Background Profiles

Considering hiring or promoting? Get more useful information to make informed decisions. Our fixed fee for each background is simple and all-inclusive.

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$195 fee

Business Background Profiles

Ideal when you need to properly vet your suppliers, vendors, contractors, or partners to ensure you know their history and current situation, so you can build lasting business relationships. We identify any red flags related to financial status, legal problems, licensure, key customers, and more. By knowing more about the companies you rely on, your organization minimizes it's exposure to issues like supplier fraud, contract issues, and more.

Usually 3-4 hours

$185 /hr


Your business is on a mission to increase profits and market share. Unfortunately, you will likely face an unexpected crisis situation along the way. The experienced professionals at PHENIX can resolve problems that involve your employees, suppliers, competitors and customers.

  • Employee Misconduct
  • Internal Theft
  • Employee Time Abuse
  • Supplier Fraud
  • Non-Compete Violation
  • Legal Matter
  • Intellectual Property
  • Public Relations Issue
  • Past Due Collections
  • Contract Breach
$245 /hr
CFE Fraud Investigators

$185 /hr
Senior Investigators

$125 /hr
Research Investigators



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