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PHENIX is the top rated Private Investigators in Houston Texas, specializing in finding assets for collection of your judgment or for attorney legal support.

A professional asset search is ideal when you need to find hidden or transferred assets of a person or company that owes you money. The Private Investigators at PHENIX go beyond simply searching databases and we perform true investigations that reveal cash in bank accounts and valuable assets that you can pursue in Houston TX and nationwide.

Select from our Fixed Fee asset search services or choose our Advanced Asset Investigation to find hidden and transferred assets for complex cases.

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Learn how we can locate assets using our asset investigation services. Ideal to enforce your judgment or for litigation support needs.

We offer two types of asset search and investigation options.

Financial Profile

Our goal is to present an accurate reporting of key assets and the financial condition of any person or business. We obtain information from our select databases, proprietary sources, public records, subscription data, and other intel.Every report is custom written by our team to ensure it’s concise, insightful and has actionable information.

  • Locate All U.S. Bank Accounts (w balances)

  • Real Estate (values, equity, history)

  • Real Property (vehicles, equipment, tangibles)

  • Business Ownership and Employment

  • Credit Dossier

  • Lifestyle Analysis

  • and More

Advanced Investigations

Our most popular service, ideal for complex debtors or where you suspect hidden assets or transferred assets. Our findings will provide the most complete picture of your debtor’s full financial situation. We report facts and information that can help in collection and also plan any further actions (both legal and investigative) to advance your case.

  • Includes Everything in the Financial Profile

  • Locate All U.S. Bank Accounts (w balances)

  • Locate All U.S. Brokerage Accounts

  • Identify Evidence of Hidden and Transferred Assets

  • Discover Shell Entities and Business Dealings

  • Identify Other Persons of Interest

  • and Case Specific Details

Collection and Recovery

Most of our case assignments will reveal some assets that you can directly seize using methods like Bank Levy or Garnishment or Liens (if you already have a judgment). We can advise you on how to perform these tasks ... at no cost to you. You can also use our findings as leverage during settlement negotiations or legal actions.

Select cases may require a more strategic approach to collecting what is due to you. Our CFE Investigators are highly skilled and very successful at recovering assets using a broad range of proven methods. This work can be hourly-based or performed as contingency (we are paid a percentage of what is collected).

Our Great Stories About Asset Investigations

Sometimes it’s easier to explain what we do by telling our stories. We hope you find these articles helpful and relevant to your situation.

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