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Hollywood, CA

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For Businesses, Law Firms & High Net Worth Individuals

Someone owe you money? Let PHENIX mobilize its asset investigative team on your behalf to get to the solution to the problem. We're top asset search and recovery and judgment collection specialists serving Hollywood with Guaranteed Accurate Intel. Contact us at 310-957-2997 or through live chat or email and start today.

Through our Asset Investigation Services, a sample of what we can locate:

  • Hidden Assets
  • Bank Accounts
  • Brokerage Accounts
  • Business Ownership
  • Business Receivables
  • Employment
  • Estate Assets
  • Financial Accounts
  • Insurance Policies
  • Intellectual Property Ownership
  • Transferred Assets
  • Non-Cash Assets and Other Property
  • Patent and Trademark Ownership
  • Real Estate
  • Sources of Income
  • Stock Ownership
  • Vehicles, Boats, Aircraft

We Made A Video!

Learn how we can locate hiddenassets using our asset investigation services. Ideal to enforce your judgment or for litigation support needs of Hollywood attorneys.

When You Need the Facts, Our Asset Search and Recovery Experience Counts

Phenix uses only trusted and licensed asset investigators. Since 1994, we have worked for attorneys in all 50 U.S. states to locate debtor assets, including cash available in banks, investments, and other assets. We have specialized in complex cases that involve hidden [transferred] assets and we can help recover on your behalf. Other clients include corporations, banks, insurance and risk professionals, small companies, and individuals covering corporate and civil asset cases.

Asset Search and Recovery - Hollywood, Nationwide or Offshore

PHENIX locates newfound assets for judgment collection in 95% of our asset check assignments.

Locate Client Assets Now

PHENIX works for attorneys and their clients in the Hollywood, CA area to locate and retrieve debtor assets, including cash available in banks, investments, real estate, and other assets.

Our asset private investigators have specialized in complex cases that involve hidden [transferred] assets and we can help recover on your behalf.

Advanced Asset Investigations

Our most popular asset investigation performed by senior private investigators This includes all of the Spotlight Services, and then our asset investigators will find everything that can reasonably be found on complex cases including working to identify confirmed and possible hidden [transferred] assets on each debtor. We then report the findings to you and recommend further strategy (both legal and investigative) if more opportunity exists.

Debt Recovery - Judgment Collection - Judgment Recovery Services

This is the most effective way to swiftly resolve to your debt or judgment collection issue and recover your loss on complex high dollar cases (such as large asset judgments, theft in business, fraud, embezzlement, non-competes, intellectual property theft). Our team of CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) Investigators will lead on-location efforts to recover the debt owed to you. This can include interviews with the debtor(s) or other persons of interest (relatives, former employees, business partners, etc.). CFE Investigators will handle asset negotiations and recovery efforts of any assets and in some cases will require levy/subpoena powers from your attorney.

Spotlight Reports

Shine the light on the most common assets for recovery. These reports are generated from our unique data sources and proven methods that obtain only select information for a reasonable budget. Ideal when you only need to obtain select information for levy, garnishment or subpoena efforts, or to determine if you should take on a case.

Locate Bank & Brokerage Accounts
Clearly find the location of all open bank and investment accounts, nationwide for each debtor/entity.

Financial Profile Search
This cost-effective financial search on a debtor business or individual provides just the key facts on Sources of Income (Employment & Business Ownership), Equity in Real Estate, Equity in Real Property, Receivables, Non-Cash Assets and Creditor Issues.

Locate Insurance Policies
If your asset searchmatter involves insurance policy coverage, we can locate active policies from a given date to determine policy limits and insurer information.

Review what our clients are saying about PHENIX through the our "Reviews" page. Start an asset search or judgment collection today by contacting us at 1-800-980-9056 or through live chat or email. Many Hollywood clients have been advocates of our asset investigation services for years. Give us the opportunity to help you.

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