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Corporate Investigations Made Easy, by Corporate Counsel



What's Your Situation?


Employee Misconduct

Good employees make your company successful, but just one bad apple can cause costly problems in your business.


Internal Theft

Employees have access to virtually all of your assets and information. Unfortunately that empowerment may entice a few to cross the line.


Employee Time Abuse

Time off programs like FMLA, Workers Compensation, and Disability need to be enforced to ensure they are utilized only for their intended purpose.


Supplier Fraud

You rely on trusted suppliers to keep your best interests in mind, but sometimes that circle of trust can be broken.


Non-Compete Violation

Non-compete violations are more effectively enforced when it involves any mis-use of information or intentional acts that negatively impact your business. These are commonly labeled a "non-disclosure breach" and can be very enforceable.

Legal Matter

Your attorneys may need facts and information to support a legal strategy. Often this is not available in public records, and will require a true investigation.


Intellectual Property Rights

Protecting your brand is key to profitability and maintaining an edge on competitors.


Public Relations Issue

An unplanned negative event always has at least two perspectives. Managing the spread of information can influence the opinions of investors, media, and the public.


Past Due Receivables

A handful of delinquent accounts can really put a dent in your planned profits. PHENIX presents an alternative to legal action or collection agency fees.


Contract Breach

Your organization relies on promises that sometimes are not kept. Those failed agreements can be costly and may require intervention to remedy or prepare for legal action. 



We Made A Movie!

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Good employees and suppliers make your company successful, but just one bad apple can cause costly problems in your business.

PHENIX offers a proven process to identify and resolve business problems and legal issues. The investigators at PHENIX have worked with some of the most recognized brands in the world, both directly for corporate and often as litigation support for legal counsel. Whether you own a small business or have a global presence, our experience extends to dozens of industries.


Internal Employee Theft

Internal Theft

Internal theft is often unnoticed for 3+ years.

Internal theft, also known as employee theft or vendor fraud, is present in every company, regardless of size or industry. In fact, internal theft accounts for 7% of annual revenue loss. The investigators at PHENIX can help your get control of this unplanned expense in these areas:

  • Employee Theft of Time
  • Employee Insurance Fraud
  • Vendor Fraud and Collusion
  • Employee Non-Compete Violations
  • Raw Materials and Inventory Shrink
  • Theft of Tools and Equipment
  • 43% of lost revenue is attributed to internal theft.

IP Theft

Sources of IP Theft

The source of most IP theft is insider access to designs, contacts, ideas, processes, and more.

Protecting your brand is key to profitability and maintaining an edge on competitors. All of the intangibles that make your brand unique is what sets you apart from your competitors. Even with the most stringent stop-gaps in place, IP theft can occur for companies of any size and industry.

  • Find industry misuse of intellectual property.
  • Research conflicts of patents, marks, designs and trade secrets.
  • Investigations and undercover assignments to confirm intentional misuse.
  • Interviews to demand a cease, and negotiate cost recovery from damages.



How does PHENIX help my legal team?
We can work with your legal team to obtain supporting evidence. We also can work independently to obtain admissions, voluntary termination, and restitution to get your money back. Every case requires a unique strategy to remedy the issue.

What size of issue or company does PHENIX do work for?
Our clients range from large global corporations to independently owned businesses. Some cases are quite simple and can be resolved quickly and some require travel and many weeks to resolve.

What industry types has PHENIX work in?
We have experience in most industries, notably: manufacturing, oil & gas, financial services, transportation, education, services, small business and dozens more.

Can I contact some references?
Yes. Simply contact us to discuss your situation. We will provide as many references as you need.