How To Find Embezzlement Problems In Your Business

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Business is about trust.  You trust your vendors will deliver on time for you and you trust your customers will pay for products and services in a timely manner.  Within your own walls, you trust your employees are looking out for the best interest of the company.  Unfortunately, some trusted employees commit fraud and embezzle from their employers.

The private investigators at PHENIX have years of experience dealing with corporate fraud and embezzlement issues.  The Certified Fraud Examiners on the PHENIX team can analyze the accounting data to find the embezzlement and gather the evidence needed to put an end to corporate fraud.  PHENIX private investigators conduct interviews and complex risk assessments to not only stop embezzlement and corporate fraud, but to ensure your business is doing everything possible to prevent employees from stealing from your company.

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PHENIX works in over 20 cities in Michigan and all 50 states.

PHENIX works in over 20 cities in Michigan and all 50 states.


Your Three Options To Resolve Theft:


Creates Risk and Public Exposure. 
Your local police do not have the resources, experience, or manpower to resolve a private matter within your business. Calling the police also exposes your issue to the public and puts your company at risk of a lawsuit for wrongful termination.




Expensive. Slow results. 
An attorney seems like the next logical choice, right? Well only if you are okay with a mounting legal bills and an ongoing case that can take months (or years) of litigation. That's the reality in most of the theft cases when attorneys get involved. There are rarely any winners.




Problem Solved! 
PHENIX resolves your issue confidentially, professionally, and often at minimal expense to you. There are no legal costs, no wrongful termination issues, and no lengthy cases. In fact, some of our clients get paid back for their loss with our restitution agreements.

How is this possible? Read on, and just ask our clients.

Let's Do It.

Let's Do It.

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Since 1994, we have served clients in all 50 U.S. states and in over 27 countries throughout the globe. Our clients include corporations, banks, insurance and risk professionals, law firms, small private commercial businesses, and entreprenuers.



How To Hire PHENIX

It all starts with a free phone consultation to ensure we understand your unique situation. Our team of CFE professionals (aka Fraud Investigators) will recommend a plan that is best for your business culture, industry, and need. Just call us now at 800-980-9056.

A Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is a credential awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). A CFE has special training and experience in handling theft, fraud, embezzlement, non-competes, and other human resources issues.


Internal Theft.png

Internal Theft

Employees have access to virtually all of your assets and information - a business situation ripe for theft in today's world. Access to cash, inventory, raw materials, information, and even time-off, is easy to achieve often with just the click of a button. Unfortunately, that empowerment may entice a few to cross the line. Investigators at PHENIX can identify internal theft, obtain admission, oversee terminations, and even recover your loss through restitution agreements.



Brand Protection
Trademark / Intellectual Property

Protecting your brand is key to profitability and maintaining an edge on competitors. All of the intangibles that make your brand unique is what sets you apart from your competitors. Even with the most stringent stop-gaps in place, IP theft can occur for companies of any size and industry.

- Find industry misuse of intellectual property.
- Research conflicts of patents, marks, designs and trade secrets.
- Investigations and undercover assignments to confirm intentional misuse.
- Interviews to demand a cease, and negotiate cost recovery from damages.

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Forbes estimates that each employee costs $3,600 annually for absenteeism. Employees who knowingly abuse their time can cost over $50,000 or even exceed their own salary in lost productivity to the company.

Employee Time Abuse

Leave or time off programs like Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Workers' Compensation, and Disability need to be enforced to ensure they are utilized only for their intended purpose. Our private investigators will help you reinforce the boundaries of these programs. The cost of employee time abuse can be quite high. It does not include indirect costs such as overtime pay for other employees, hiring temps, missed deadlines, lost sales, sinking morale and lower productivity. Indirect costs can add up to 25 percent to the direct costs, according to Employee Benefit News and HR News.



Supplier Fraud

You rely on trusted suppliers to keep your best interests in mind, but sometimes that circle of trust can be broken. PHENIX can investigate and consult on vendor risk management (VRM) to ensure that the fraud by providers and suppliers does not create an unacceptable potential for business disruption or a negative impact on business performance. The private investigators at PHENIX are experienced in assessing supplier fraud and providing detailed analysis.

Good employees and suppliers make your company successful, but just one bad apple can cause costly problems in your business.

Over 50 percent of employees admit to taking information when they left their previous employer, so companies are very concerned about restricting conduct of former employees.

Non-Compete Contract Violations

Employee non-compete agreements can be enforced when there is some misuse of information or intentional acts that negatively impact your business. These are commonly labeled a "non-disclosure breach" and this makes a non-compete agreement very enforceable. PHENIX can perform investigations (like surveillance) to gather relevant evidence of employee activities. This might include misuse of trade secrets, use of confidential information, solicitation of customers, or other actions that may violate their "non-compete" or "non-disclosure" agreement.



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PHENIX Investigations F.A.Q.'s

How does PHENIX help my legal team?
We can work with your legal team to obtain supporting evidence. We also can work independently to obtain admissions, voluntary termination, and restitution to get your money back. Every case requires a unique strategy to remedy the issue.

What size of issue or company does PHENIX do work for?
Our clients range from large global corporations to independently owned local businesses. Some cases are quite simple and can be resolved quickly and some require travel and many weeks to resolve.

What industry types has PHENIX provide investigation services in?
We have experience in most industries, notably: manufacturing, automotive & tiered suppliers, oil & gas, financial services, transportation, education, services, small business and dozens more.

Can I contact some references?
Yes. Simply contact us to discuss your situation. We will provide as many references as you need.