Phenix Investigations, Inc. is a nationwide leader in obtaining facts and information that few others have access to. Our clients are attorneys and business leaders, in all 50 U.S. states. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on every case, every time.

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Asset Search & Recovery
An asset investigation is ideal if you need to obtain facts and information on a debtor. Phenix can locate the debtor's assets, including banking and investments, and even hidden [transferred] assets. We can even help recover those assets on your behalf. [learn more]

Employee Theft
Good employees make your company successful. But just one bad apple can cause costly problems throughout your business. Phenix is simply the best there is at identifying and resolving theft. And we have a proven process to obtain admissions, ensure proper termination, and avoid future issues. We are also experts at cost recovery. [learn more]

Professional Surveillance
Insurance fraud and employee time abuse are real problems. Employers and insurers have a duty to ensure programs like FMLA, worker comp, and other programs are not abused. Our discreet surveillance is utilized by clients throughout the U.S. Our success rate is unmatched and we offer the only guarantee in the industry. [learn more]

Corporate Services
Every business has the occasional need for an investigator. Whether you need to determine the source of internal theft, deal with a non-compete violation, obtain intel about a competitor, perform backgrounds, review trademark or copyright infringements, or properly terminate an employee or vendor, Phenix has the experience. [learn more]

Admission and Restitution
Our special investigators are experts at strategic interviews. Our proven methods consistently get admission of wrongdoing to privately resolve the matter. And best of all, we also negotiate restitution to recover your financial loss. Our interviews yield impeccable results on cases involving employee theft, non-compete violations, vendor fraud, and more - just ask hundreds of our clients. [learn more]



Private Investigations Conducted by Efficient and Reliable Detectives

Information is a critical resource in most dealings and procedures; in the right hands, it is a most powerful tool. Whether you are a corporate employer running a tight ship or a lawyer building a solid case, having information on the people involved with your line of work allows you to take better control of the situation and make the right decisions. Of course, such information does not just land on your lap from out of nowhere—it needs to be discovered by way of professional private investigations.

Trusted since 1994, the private investigators at Phenix Investigations specialize in obtaining facts and information that few others have access to. We provide discreet corporate investigative services, as well as investigative litigation support for attorneys. You can trust our skilled private detectives and investigators to obtain pertinent facts for you to use.

Phenix is nationally sought after by attorneys, business leaders and professionals for complex investigations and legal support. Our capable private investigator services have tackled numerous challenges for various clients since 1994, to great success. From careful asset investigations to close background checks on jurors—we work our hardest to obtain the information our clients need.

With over 200 private investigators strategically located throughout the U.S., you can hire our investigators for nearly any business or personal matter. If you need a private investigator for surveillance services and the like, we are the people you approach.


Phenix Investigations provides a suite of investigative services that clients can use to acquire the information they need. Our services are:

•    Corporate Investigations – Businesses can be at the mercy of things they do not know of, such as employee theft, vendor fraud, and even suspicious job applicants. Phenix can conduct careful corporate investigations for business clients that cannot afford to be locked out of the loop. As your corporate investigator, we will handle your problems so that you can get back to running your business.

•    Asset Investigations – Do you need a competent asset investigator to probe your suspicious debtors? Desperate defaulters can do the most outrageous things to hide their cash and assets from prying eyes. Our asset investigation services can help you discover these concealed possessions, as well as conduct lifestyle checks, and related services.

•    Surveillance – Companies, insurance firms, and law practices could all use Phenix’s judicious surveillance investigations to combat instances of fraud. A careful surveillance investigator can assess the conditions of employees and policyholders and confirm if they are committing fraud. With our help, you can avoid costly troubles and stop financial abuse.

•    Litigation Support – Lawyers who need evidence to construct their cases can turn to Phenix for professional help. We can locate witnesses, conduct financial investigations, and even learn more about the jurors selected for the case.

Phenix Investigations, Inc. is a corporate investigative solutions provider based in Indianapolis, IN. For more information on our services, or if you would like to know how we can help you, you may call us at (800) 980-9056 or visit the contact us page and accomplish the web form.