Asset Search + Recovery

Someone Owe You Money?

PHENIX can help you collect from any person or company for purposes of judgment enforcement, insurance matter, contract dispute or for legal support.

PHENIX locates and recovers assets for clients in 50 U.S. states and many countries throughout the globe.

  • Cash in Bank Accounts
  • Cash in Investment/Brokerage Accounts
  • Equity Ownership in Real Estate
  • Real Property
  • Hidden Assets
  • Transfers of Assets
  • Insurance Policies
  • Employment Compensation
  • Business Ownership
  • and More

Our CFE team* of investigators are highly skilled at the interview process to negotiate a favorable settlement for you.

*CFE: Certified Fraud Examiner


We Made A Video!

Learn how we can locate assets using our asset investigation services. Ideal to enforce your judgment or for litigation support needs.

Asset Search and Recovery - Nationwide or Offshore

PHENIX locates newfound assets for judgment collection in 95% of our asset check assignments.


Fixed Fee Reports

Beyond subscription databases, these popular services can get the facts you need. These reports are generated from our unique data sources and proven methods that obtain only select information for a reasonable budget. Ideal when you only need to obtain select information for levy, garnishment or subpoena efforts, or to determine if you should take on a case.

Locate Bank & Brokerage Accounts

Clearly find the location of all open bank and investment accounts, nationwide for each debtor/entity.

Financial Profile Search

Reveal the key facts about your debtor's financial health and ability to repay. We commonly locate newfound Income Sources, Equity in Real Estate and Real Property, Employment & Business Ownership, Receivables, Legal/Tax and Creditor Issues, and more.

Locate Insurance Policies

If your matter involves insurance policy coverage, we can locate active policies from a given date to determine policy limits and insurer information.

Advanced Investigations

Our most popular investigation to locate hidden [transferred] assets held by your debtor(s).

For each debtor (individual or business), we locate all open bank and brokerage accounts and perform a financial profile at no cost to you.

You pay for our time to investigate evidence of hidden and transferred assets. Our goal is to give you a complete picture of your debtors ability to pay, their financial situation, and even identify other persons or companies of interest.


Some cases may require a more direct approach to collecting what is due to you. Our investigators are highly skilled in methods like “door knock interviews” with your debtor or even with other persons of interest (like former employees, former spouses, or friends and family). Our team has an excellent track record of recovering assets through debtor negotiations and other on-location methods. Call us to discuss what may work for your situation.