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When you need to discreetly monitor a person's activity in the Bloomington area, professional surveillance is the best legal choice. Surveillance by licensed private investigators can show evidence of a person’s ability and behavior. The results will be available in a report that can include videos and photos - ideal to show proof in court, to negotiate a settlement, or other legal support.

We provide services in Bloomington and surrounding areas, including recent case assignments near Indiana University, Hoosier National Forest, Lake Monroe, Martinsville, and Brown County State Park.


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Professional surveillance throughout Indiana is ideal for identifying and monitoring a person of interest or employees' activities and relationships for:

  • FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Time Abuse

  • Non-Compete Violations in Indiana

  • Worker Compensation Fraud in Indiana

  • Employee Theft and Fraud in Indiana

    • Company Products

    • Information

    • Intellectual Property

    • Time

  • Matrimonial Cases in Indiana

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Surveillance Case Stories In Indiana

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Employers and insurers have a duty to ensure programs like the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Workers' Compensation are not abused. Our professional surveillance is utilized by companies throughout the U.S. to discreetly monitor employee activity during employee time-off. Surveillance for cases involving employee misconduct, disability insurance, and supplier fraud are a big part of our investigative offerings.

Sometimes you may need to confirm a person's location. PHENIX can find the whereabouts of anyone, anywhere.  Our success rate exceeds 95%. This service is ideal to find a witness, debtor, or other legal support purpose.

When you need a professional to perform a door knock interview or to serve a subpoena, our experienced private investigators represent your interests and get facts you did not think possible.

Some of the most recognized brands hire PHENIX, so imagine how we can help you!