Locate A Person

Find people anywhere. Deliver a subpoena. Take a witness statement. Interview to negotiate a legal or personal matter.

All 50 States and Internationally


When you need to find a person for legal or personal reasons, PHENIX can help.

Our Private Investigators can find almost anyone, anywhere. We have access to vast information, millions of records, proprietary tools, and unique methods. Still, our 25 years of experience sets us apart from anyone else.

  • Locate a person for legal support

  • Obtain location of someone who owes you money

  • Find a missing person

  • Reconnect with an old friend or relative

Our Locate A Person service is ideal for difficult cases - situations where you’ve already tried the basics and need the professionals to help. Our private investigators go beyond the typical “check” to find the current location of any person. If information exists, we’ll find it!

The fee is $995 to Locate A Person. You can order now and provide just the basic information for us to review. We’ll ensure we have enough info to start your case assignment. If everything looks good, we’ll get started (usually the same day).

Once your person is located, you can also hire our Private Investigators to go on-location. We can perform a door knock to serve a subpoena, take a witness statement, negotiate on your behalf, or discreetly get visual confirmation [photo] of the person (wellness check).

How We Locate A Person

Locating people is like putting a puzzle together - but first, we have to find the puzzle pieces! Only then can we start to use intelligence to map the situation.

So where does the initial information come from? It starts with you. We’ll need to know everything that you know about the person. Some of our clients only have a name and general location to start, while others provide us with a lot of information.

Next, we obtain the individual’s personal identifiers. These are important to match with all possible records that exist on the person. Yes, the matching process involves a massive, huge, enormous connection to volumes of data that includes just about every person on the planet. Some of these data sources are available only for certain qualified purposes - like to Private Investigators for legal support. And our P.I.’s are experts at finding all of the identifiers for a person.

Finally, we use a proven process that connects all the dots to determine where your person may be at. It is difficult to live in today’s world without leaving some type of footprint - a trace of where you’ve been. That’s the information we use to locate a person.

Still, our best information comes from our unique methods that require human intelligence. Our P.I.’s have mastered the art of locating people. And you can benefit from our abilities!


FAQs About Locating A Person

Q: What information is needed to start?
A: Ideally we like to have the persons full name, address, and at least one other identifier. Maybe you know their parents name, where they were born, when they were born, their spouse, etc. Again, any information helps. Still, we have successfully found people with only a nickname and general location.

Q: Is the locate a person service guaranteed?
A: You are hiring us because the information you seek is not readily available and/or easily discoverable, right? And even when we find what is clearly accurate information (or the best intel that exists), it may still be refutable - even if it is correct. You are paying us for our time and the substantial investment we have in our information sources and people. We’ll do the best job possible - because we want your future business and referrals.

Q: How do I get started?
A: You can call us during business hours, send us an email, or fill out the form on this page. We’ll review the preliminary information that you provide and call you to discuss any details. Our team of Private Investigators are easy to work with and eager to get results you need.

Q: What if I want a P.I. to go on-location?
Q: Yes. We can schedule the on-location visit once your person has been found. This is ideal if you need a door knock to serve a subpoena, take a witness statement, negotiate on your behalf, or discreetly get visual confirmation [photo] of the person (wellness check). The additional cost for the on-location visit is typically based on the time requirements (usually 3-4 hours).