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PHENIX Investigations, Inc. is among the most trusted P.I. firms for any situation that demands the best results. Since 1996, the private investigators at PHENIX have worked with clients in all 50 U.S. states and performed investigations in over 27 countries throughout the globe. Anyone can hire PHENIX for assignments that are near you or in another city far away. We work with attorneys, insurers, corporations, business owners, professionals, public figures, and everyday citizens.

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Does someone owe you money?

Our Asset Search + Recovery services can help you find assets to collect from any person or company:

  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Debtor Collection In Lieu of Legal Action
  • Pre-Litigation Legal Support
  • Insurance Claims That Exceed Policy Limits

Do you need to discreetly monitor a person or location to determine activity?

Our Professional Surveillance is ideal for:

  • FMLA Abuse
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Non-Compete Violations
  • Cheating Spouses

Are you having "people" issues that involve your employees, suppliers, or partners?

Whether you own a small business or have a global presence, the investigators at PHENIX can help resolve an array of “people” issues that are costing you time and money. Our experienced team of CFE Investigators travel throughout the country and are ready to help you take corrective action on costly Business + Employee Problems:

  • Internal Theft
  • IP Rights
  • Employee Time Abuse
  • Supplier Fraud
  • Non-Compete Violations
  • and more...
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How well do you know the people and businesses you associate with?

Be sure those you pay have your best interests in mind. Our Background Profiles go beyond the typical background check to find history and current status of any business or person:

  • For Legal Support
  • Select Vendors and Suppliers
  • Business Aquisitions
  • Employees For Hiring and Promotion
  • Friends For Personal Interests
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Our unique methods enable us to gather intel from a broad range of sources to locate your person.

Our work can be performed discreet or overt, based on your unique situation. We locate our assigned person in over 97% of our cases. Ideal for legal support, find a witness or persons of interest, or for personal situations.

  • Locate Anyone In All 50 U.S. States
  • Visual Verification If Needed
  • Serve Legal Documents To Any U.S. Location
  • Door Knock Interviews

If some of the most recognized brands in the world trust PHENIX,
imagine how we can help your situation!


Clients Rate PHENIX With Five Star Reviews.

As a prospective client, don't take our word for it, just ask the 10,000+ business leaders, attorneys, insurers, and professionals, who we've worked with since 1994. Or read the online reviews where 95% of past and current clients gave PHENIX a 4 or 5 star rating. And just in case that's not enough, we do guarantee your satisfaction on every case, every time.

We had a great experience with PHENIX. The investigator responded promptly to our request for services, the pricing was fair and appropriate for the project, the work was done in a timely fashion, and the investigator provided us with a feedback and completed the work on time. We will definitely use PHENIX for other projects in the future.

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Some of our casework at PHENIX has been on national news as top stories.
We've worked discreetly for some of the biggest names in business, sports, entertainment, government, and law.

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