Due Diligence before Investments, Mergers or Acquisitions

Due diligence is now considered standard practice in the corporate setting. Most often used for the vetting process of potential vendors, contractors, executives and business partners. It’s also expected during mergers & acquisitions. Found out how due diligence came to be as well as why it’s important today.

Three Things You Should Know To Protect Your IP

Intellectual Property is your unique way to not only protect your patent or trademark rights but also a way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors while creating new revenue opportunities. However among many organizations the priority and procedures of protecting their IP has become antiquated. Outdated IP tools and processes can increase a company’s exposure to risk and result in missed opportunities.

Asset Searches and Business Fraud

The use of professional asset searches to find business fraud allows for an impartial inquiry into what is often a complex problem. While business fraud is not anything new, with the help of today’s ever-evolving technology the methods and opportunities for fraud evolve as well. Here’s what you can expect in a business fraud investigation.