Cheating Spouse? Surveillance Investigations Can Give Your Mind Peace

Certain factors cause the flame in a marriage to die out—individual differences, financial difficulties, etc. Yet infidelity remains the most heartbreaking of all. At the end of that long toil of doubt, fear, and helplessness, there exists only three possibilities: your worries are unfounded, your spouse admits cheating, or you discover it yourself. Here are three signs your marriage may be in trouble:

Sudden Demand for Privacy

If the things you used to share openly (such as phones and credit card bills) suddenly become private, or your spouse needs to go somewhere secluded just to take a call and hangs up immediately when you enter the room, something may be wrong. People usually don’t delete messages until their inbox is full but if your spouse erases them and other traces such as call logs, he/she may have something to hide.

Lost Time Together

Does your partner usually spend dinner with you but is now working late more often than before? Did he suddenly take on a new hobby that keeps him out of the house for long? Is he on business trips more frequently than usual? Infidelity keeps a person away from friends and family. If he has been forgetting important occasions like your anniversary and is spending more time with a friend or a colleague, particularly that of the opposite sex, you may want to check the possibility of an affair.

Looking Good

It’s nice to see your spouse taking care of himself or herself, but if he/she suddenly puts in more effort on his appearance and has been leaving the house dressed differently than usual, then all those time spent in front of the mirror, rummaging through the closet for his best suit or her sexiest pair of stilettos, may not be for you. People typically pay more attention to their appearance if they have found a new source of love and inspiration to be at their best.

However, remember that these are just red flags, not absolute indicators. To get to the truth, you have to gather evidence. The best way to do this would be to hire a professional surveillance investigator, such as one from Phenix Investigations, Inc., who can help you uncover the truth by monitoring your spouse’s whereabouts. Whatever the investigator finds can guide you in making a decision about what to do with your relationship.

If the findings are negative, you’ll have all the more reason to trust your spouse. If infidelity is confirmed, however, you may choose to fix the relationship early on.  Should it lead to divorce, evidence from surveillance investigations will place you in an advantageous position in settlement negotiations and child custody issues.