Work of Private Detectives and Investigators Vital to Decision-Making

Different people like attorneys, lawyers, corporate leaders, those seeking judgment debtors, those seeking collections, insurers, and bankers may hire private detectives and investigators. These investigators must cater to their clients’ varied needs in detective work. 


Private detectives need to have licenses in the state they operate. Although minimum requirements for licensure differ among states, candidates must be of a minimum age, which is usually between 21 and 25. United States citizenship or U.S. resident status, a high school diploma or GED certificate, no felony convictions, and no dishonorable discharge from the U.S. military are the other common minimum requirements. To obtain a state license, aspiring detectives must not only meet these minimum requirements, but must also have the proper education and experience, must pass the state exam for licensure, and obtain mandatory firearms training. To maintain their license, detectives have to apply for renewal before the expiry date.

Asset Investigations

In asset investigations, detectives work to obtain information regarding the key assets, bank accounts, investments, vital financial facts, and any hidden assets of the debtor that is being investigated. They may then review that information with the client to recommend further
strategies. Optionally, they may also work to recover assets or negotiate a settlement.

Investigators usually provide a financial profile report that includes information regarding an individual’s employment, business ownership, equity in real estate, and creditor issues. They can also supply details on the location of all open bank accounts and open investment accounts, as well as uncover any active policies on a given date to determine policy limits and insurer information.

Private Investigator Surveillance

Private surveillance is often undertaken to stop a crime, locate an individual, and note down activities around a specific location. Surveillance can be done using technological devices, or manual work. The advantage of using technological devices is that equipment can be used at multiple locations, and information from these equipment can be accessed simultaneously. For example, private investigators can put up cameras on a site where recurring thefts are happening.

Many other cases require human surveillance where an investigative team is used as the main source of information. For example, to locate a missing person, human surveillance is most appropriate.

Corporate Employee Theft

Well-executed private investigations by seasoned companies like Phenix Investigations, Inc.  provide a number of services in mitigating employee theft. These include obtaining information regarding the source of theft through employee interviews; and obtaining written admissions of theft, obtaining restitution, and voluntary resignation.