Asset Search and Investigations for Divorce

Divorce can be a stressful and frustrating time for both parties. Making the process more difficult, one party can attempt to hide their assets from the other.

During a divorce, both parties are legally required to disclose all assets including income, expenses, and debt.

As private investigators, we are often tasked with uncovering assets that one party attempted to hide during this preliminary step in the divorce proceedings.

Telltale Signs That a Spouse is Hiding Assets

So, how can you tell if your spouse is hiding assets from you? According to Second Saturday, an organization that sponsors workshops for individuals going through divorce, signs that your spouse is hiding assets include:

  • Secretive about finances and financial affairs

  • Controls bank account information and passwords and won’t share this information

  • Keeps a private PO Box for bills and receipts

  • Deletes or removes financial programs or information shared devices

  • Says they have experienced a pay cut, but expenses haven’t changed

  • Alters banking habits (opening a new account, more frequent withdrawals)

  • Gives money or assets to a friend or family member

Asset search and divorce

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, hiring a private investigator can help determine the location of these assets. Private investigators like PHENIX can locate bank accounts or businesses where a spouse could be hiding liquid assets. Additionally, investigators have the resources to locate non-liquid assets of which you may not be aware such as property or automobiles.

Recognizing the signs where a spouse may be hiding assets during a divorce is the first step in protecting your financial well-being. Hiring a private investigator or a private investigation team is the next step in uncovering these assets and protecting yourself against fraud.