Investigator Job Security

There is no shortage of fraud, theft and security concerns.  The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the job outlook for “employment of private detectives and investigators” is projected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.”

With the increase demand for private detectives and investigators, PHENIX Investigations stands ready to meet the demand. PHENIX Investigations has a network of over 200 private investigators nationwide. The team at PHENIX Investigations is highly trained, educated and experienced. 

Surveillance by private investigators is one tool which can be utilized to assist in investigations of insurance fraud, worker’s comp fraud, FMLA abuse, employee theft, non-compete violations, legal support, matrimonial cases, child custody cases, child support cases, business and personal matters.  

Investigator Job Security

Useful Tips for Investigators

Useful tips for investigators who conduct surveillance is provided in an article written in Pursuit Magazine by Joseph M LaSorsa, a senior partner with LaSorsa & Associates. Read 25 Tips for surveillance operatives: on tactics, equipment and reports.

Another article for investigators who conduct surveillance can be found in Pursuit Magazine by Andrew Kidd, the owner of Fortified Investigative Services. Read: 20 Things you should have in your surveillance vehicle right now

A few things I would add to the list of 20 things you should have in your surveillance vehicle right now is various attire to match your surroundings such as dress cloths and dress shoes if the subject goes to an upscale restaurant.  I would also add flushable wipes, a dog leash, trash bags, paper towels, window cleaner (no ammonia, it damages the window tint) and cooler with ice. An AC mini cooler is also an option.